Invited Talks

  • Keynote speaker in Krakow, Poland at largest tech conference in Central and Eastern Europe - “Digital Transformation and the Six Skills to Become a Product Manager of the Future” & “A Behind-The-Scenes Look at What It Takes to Build an AI Product”

  • Speaker at 35,000-person IBM worldwide conference in Las Vegas - “Digital Fraud Detection”

  • Speaker at Google’s largest worldwide HTML meetup - “Top Computer Vision Trends and How You Can Build For Them Today”

  • Speaker at Google’s first-ever Machine Learning Speaker Series - “How to Become an AI Product Manager”

  • Speaker at Silicon Valley Forum League of Extraordinary Women - “How Leading Businesses are Leveraging AI - and How You Can, Too”

  • Only woman in AI to address the European Commission on the future of work and artificial intelligence

  • “Women in AI” panel at 20,000-person Grace Hopper Conference, largest women in computing event in the world

  • Selected to host German Ambassador in San Francisco, organized women in technology round table event

  • Invited keynote speaker by Mayor of Guangzhou and Global Chairman of IDG - “How A.I. is Affecting Global Business”

  • Agile India 2019 in Bangalore, India - largest design conference in India

Upcoming Talks

  • Will be announced shortly!